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The COLTALE Programme

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The City of London understands the importance of good speech, language and communication skills in giving children the best start in life.

COLTALE (City of London Talks and Listens Enthusiastically) aims to support all children to develop those skills and to further develop close partnerships between parents and early years practitioners/teachers.

Research tells us that by:

  • 22 months – a child’s development can predict outcomes at age 26.
  • 2 years – 75% of a child’s brain growth has occurred.
  • 4 years – the difference in the number of words different groups of children have heard can be as much as 19 million.
  • 5 years – a child’s vocabulary can predict his/her educational success and outcomes at age 30.

You can find insightful updates and ideas on InstagramFacebook and Twitter - #coltaletoptips.

Coltale's Adventures

A collection of short stories written by children living in the City of London.

“Where shall I go today, and what should I do?” Coltale, the dragon, can travel anywhere he wants to go. He is a friendly dragon but people are often scared when they see him. Why? Because dragons breathe fire! And fire can hurt people. Coltale doesn’t want to hurt anyone. In fact, he only wants to make friends and help everyone he meets.

Follow Coltale and his friends on his exciting adventures with these short stories… written by children just like you!

  • View ‘Coltale’s Adventures’ e-book here (online)

  • Download ‘Coltale’s Adventures’ e-book here (PDF)

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