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Hatching Dragons Nursery

Hatching Dragons Nursery offers full and part-time early years education and play in a bilingual English/Mandarin environment to children aged 8 months to 5 years (with four places available to 1-2 year olds)

Our 50:50 immersion model aims for pupils to be fluent in both Mandarin and English by the time they leave us.

We also offer playgroups featuring Mandarin music and shadow puppetry. 

Hatching Dragons participates in the Childcare Affordability Scheme. Families living or working in the City with an annual household income of less than £55,000 pay a discounted rate. Contact the Family & Young People's Information Service (FYi) if you think you qualify.

We currently have 8 spaces available for children under 2 years old.

Who to contact

020 7256 9365
Hatching Dragons

Where to go

Ferroners House
Shaftesbury Place, Aldersgate St,

Other Details


Barbican Fees 3-5 yr olds 0-3 yr olds Hrs Monthly Cost/Hr Monthly Cost/Hr 50 £1,522 £7.02 £1,573 £7.26 45 £1,390 £7.13 £1,466 £7.52 40 £1,284 £7.41 £1,335 £7.70 35 £1,152 £7.59 £1,203 £7.93 30 £1,020 £7.85 £1,071 £8.24 25 £888 £8.20 £934 £8.62 20 £731 £8.44 £767 £8.85 15 £559 £8.59 £584 £8.99 10 £376 £8.67 £391 £9.03


Age Ranges

Local Offer


Hatching Dragons is a bilingual Mandarin Nursery set in the heart of Central London. We provide full time day care to children aged between 6 weeks and 5 years.  Children with SEN will be offered a place at Hatching Dragons Nursery in accordance with our Admissions Policy.

We will work with parents/carers to ensure we are fully able to meet the needs of the child within the limits of our setting.  We will endeavor to make necessary adaptations to be fully inclusive to each individual; however some constraints (for example the layout of the building) may not make this possible.

We offer flexibility within our settling in procedure to ensure the needs of the child are met and they are fully settled before starting with us.  Also to ensure we have accessed any appropriate training to successfully include the child, for example administration of any medication or signing.

We work closely with all parents/carers and see this as vital when caring for children.  This is particularly relevant when working with children with SEN to ensure our setting is right for that child and that they are fully included. All children are assigned a key person, which in the case of a child with SEN, could be a staff member with previous experience in this area.

Good communication is key when working with parents/ carers to form strong, trusting relationships.  Opportunities for parents/carers to communicate with their child’s key person are offered during the settling in process, at feedback times and at our parents evenings.  More frequent communication may be needed for a child with SEN and further meetings will be arranged as appropriate.

Parents/carers will be included and encouraged to be involved in all stages of the SEN process. Facilities, staffing and training Children with SEN will be supported in varying ways depending on their individual needs.  The key person will work closely with the child, parents/carers and SENCO to provide appropriate support; however, all staff within the team should be aware of the needs of the children in their care and what provision is in place for them.

Staff working with children with SEN should be sensitive to their needs and have, or be trained in, the knowledge to work effectively and inclusively with these children.  The whole staff team will work together to provide consistency and continuity of care. If we feel it necessary, we will apply for Early Years Access funding to support an individual child, be it for equipment, training or one-to-one support.

Staff training will be accessed where required and staff will be deployed effectively according to their knowledge and experience.  As well as our named SENCO who attends training and regular updates, other staff attend courses such as ‘talking boxes’, ‘every child a talker’, Makaton, behavior and autism training.  This information is then shared with the whole staff team.  If we felt an individual child’s experience at Hatching Dragons Nursery would be enhanced by further staff training, we would work with our Local Authority Early Years team to access this.

We work in partnership with parents/carers, other settings and other professionals working with individual children.  We welcome support, advice and guidance to help us offer the most appropriate opportunities for children with SEN.  Good networking across all the agencies involved ensures a consistent approach with the child so they have a clear understanding of what is expected.

Parents/carers are asked to give their consent before we share information or involve other professionals beyond the routine networking of the EYFS.

The role of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). 

All settings are required to have a named SENCO who is identified in the Special Educational Needs Policy.  Our named SENCO is Debbie Hsieh. A SENCOs role includes:

 •  working with staff to agree and implement the SEN policy;

 •  assisting staff with observations and assessment or carrying these out;

•  assisting staff in planning for children with SEN; •  supporting staff development and sharing knowledge;

•  liaise with parents/carers, the Local Authority Early Years     Team and other professionals;

•  ensure appropriate records are kept for children at Early Years Action, Early Years Action Plus and those with statements, including IEP’s and running records;

 •  ensure other background information is recorded and kept up to date;

 •   offer support to parents/carers;

•   attend meetings either on or off site and ensure information is fed back adequately to the rest of the team;

•   to work closely alongside the Behavior Management Coordinator.

The SENCO may also work as a key person to child/ren with SEN and as such would have responsibility to ensure observations and assessments are carried out and concerns are passed on to the rest of the SENCO team.The SENCO would be supported by all staff members working in a key person role.


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