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Artizan Street Library and Community Centre

**ANNOUNCEMENT**  On government advice, we had to close all our libraries. However, the regulations around closure have been published and there are certain exemptions and services that our libraries will be able to offer during this period. Government advice is very clear about staying away from public transport but if you can walk or cycle to our libraries, we shall be offering the following services:

Select and Collect

It’s simple! Have a look at our catalogue. If any book is showing as being on the shelves in any of our libraries, you can phone during opening hours or email us, we will find it for you, issue it to your ticket and tell you when you can collect it. You can request up to 12 books, but don’t forget you will have to carry them home! Please contact the library from which you intend to collect your item(s). Tell us exactly what you want (authors, titles or genres), give us your name, your membership number and a contact telephone number and we will be in touch. You can bring any items you wish to return with you and please, bring a bag for your books.

At Artizan Street Library, we will operate this service from the main entrance where a staff member will meet you.

Essential PC use – Shoe Lane and Artizan Street only

If you need to get online, our public computers at Shoe Lane and Artizan Street Libraries will be available Mon-Fri for 1 hour slots during the library opening hours (see below). To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise that you phone ahead and book a session. We cannot allow anybody to wait in the library until one is free and we need 15 minutes between booking to clean the equipment. We regret that as the Barbican Centre is closed to the public throughout this period, we cannot offer this service at Barbican Library.

During this time, staff will still continue to run virtual clubs, groups, talk and children’s activities.  Please check our website and social media pages for details.

Artizan Street Library

Phone 020 7332 3810


Hours of operation- Tuesday-Friday: 11am-4pm

Monday: 12pm-6.30pm

With over 20,000 books, DVDs, CDs, maps, Spoken Word items and children’s books, there is something for everyone. We have:

  • Books, DVDs, CDs
  • Audio books and language sets
  • Free WiFi and internet access.
  • Daily newspapers
  • A reading group
  • Rhymetime and Stay and Play for under fives
  • Adult education sessions
  • Home delivery service
  • Friendly, expert staff

You can spend your Time Credits at the Library:

  • CD/DVD hire, Pilates, chair massage and dance lessons = 1 Time Credit
  • One-hour 'Pilates for Seniors' and 'Backcare Pilates' classes and London drawing classes = 2 Time Credits

Note: Our Library Services have moved online during the national lockdown. See our updated timetable for events you can attend virtually.

Barbican and Community Libraries Virtual Events (1MB)

Who to contact

020 7332 3810
Artizan Street Library & Community Centre
Parent Organisation

Where to go

1 Artizan Street
E1 7AF

Local Offer


We carry books that are edited and designed to minimise some of the obstacles that can stop reluctant, struggling and dyslexic young readers from getting hooked by a book.

Tricks to make the books accessible include:

  • Short word lengths so readers can enjoy the achievement of finishing a book
  • Lots of chapter breaks so readers can take a rest
  • Cream-coloured paper to minimises glare
  • Dyslexia-friendly fonts
  • Lots of illustration in lower reading-age titles to help with understanding
  • Age (RA) and interest age (IA) ratings on the books date label to help you choose

Research shows that once a reader is hooked by a story, reading ability improves.


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