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About the Local Offer for Young Adults (16 to 25)

The purpose of the local offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what services are available in their area and how to access them. The offer will include provision from birth to 25, across education, health and social care and leisure.

Local providers to give comprehensive information about how they meet the needs of children and young people with SEND, and this information can be found in their listings in this section of the FYi Directory.

Within the local offer you will also find links to information about SEND on the City of London website.

The aims of our local offer are to:

  • To provide clarity for parents and enable them to make informed choices
  • Support earlier intervention and reduce the need for assessments by giving families better access to services.
  • Enable the City of London to identify need and gaps in provision.
  • Provide an evidence base for improving progress and securing better outcomes for children and young people with SEND at school and local level.

The local offer became live on 1 September but we are always working to improve it. If you have comments or suggestion about the local offer, or if you know of a service we haven’t listed please get in contact at the details on our home page. 

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