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Portage is an educational home visiting service for pre-school children who have additional support needs. The service may be requested as soon as special needs are identified, from soon after birth to the pre-school years.

Visits are usually weekly or fortnightly and continue depending on the local service and the individual special needs of a child.

Portage visitors are specially trained for their role and accredited by the National Portage Association. They work with families to identify a child's needs by looking at their individual abilities and learning goals. The sessions can be flexible but development checklists may be used as a framework to help a child.

A portage worker can help with play, behaviour issues, communication problems, relationships and learning.

Portage programmes emphasise the positive and celebrate the steps a child achieves. If you have a concern about your child’s behaviour or communication, speak to your child’s early years setting or contact the Early Years team at the City of London Corporation on 02073323126.

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