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About Us

The Family and Young People Information Service (FYi) provides free, reliable and impartial information and assistance to parents, carers, professionals and young people about local services activities available to you and your family.

The FYi Directory can provide you with up to date details on all Children's Centres services in the City. 

You can also search the FYi Directory for Children's Centre services as well as many other groups and activities for parents and carers with under fives. 

If you have any safeguarding concerns please click here. 

Equality & Human Rights

We are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and working inclusively across our entire organisation.

We uphold these principles in our behaviours and practices.

We oppose all forms of discrimination and intolerance in the workplace and service settings. We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, harassment and victimisation.

We work to identify and remove or reduce any barriers and inequalities in the access to our employment opportunities and service provision, through consultation, impact assessment, monitoring, reporting, action planning and review. Our aim is to break down all barriers of discrimination, prejudice, fear or misunderstanding.

We use the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s nine protected characteristics to help focus our equality and diversity work and ensure the Code of Practice is followed to inform the procedures and practices.

The 9 protected characteristics are:

1. Age
2. Disability
3. Gender Reassignment
4. Marriage & Civil Partnership
5. Pregnancy and Maternity 
6. Race 
7. Religion or belief (including lack of belief)
8. Sex
9. Sexual Orientation 

Click here for our Equal Opportunites Statement. 

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